GTI iMessage Support

We are pleased to announce a Product enhancement which has been introduced and is now in service.
GTI iMessage Support Background:

iMessage and FaceTime are out of the box features on all Apple iPhones and these services can be enabled by the user. Both services are classed as ‘Over the Top’ and use Wi-Fi or Mobile Data to communicate with Apple servers to deliver messaging and video to two parties who use Apple devices. iMessage is completely separate to the GSM standard compliant SMS and MMS Mobile messaging services, despite the fact that Apple present a single inbox for SMS and iMessages – using colours to designate which messaging service is used.

There was an issue with iMessage registration after a GTIGLOBAL Sim was installed which prevented these services from being used. This has now been addressed, so both services work as normal.
Note that iMessages are independent of the SMS and MMS services and cannot be controlled or recorded as part of the GTIGLOBAL Networks Mobile Service.

If migrating between iPhone and Android devices, subscribers should remember to deactivate/unregister their number for iMessage to ensure proper receipt of all messages from other iPhone users. If subscribers have any further difficulties in the initial activation/registration process for iMessage then ticket may be raised as normal with GTI Level One Support, but for all other iMessage support issues, subscribers should refer directly to Apple.

Compatibility with other GTIGLOBAL Services:
GTIGLOBAL Mobile is unable to generate CDRs for iMessage messages. iMessages are treated and charged as per all other mobile data usage. This means that GTIGLOBAL Ops/Support teams are unable to detect or debug detailed (network) issues with iMessages or with FaceTime.

GTIGLOBAL Networks does not provide a mechanism for disablement of iMessages because they are an Apple proprietary OTT messaging service, so customers who have enabled the GTIGLOBAL VAR Networks SMS Copy service will not be able to record or prevent iMessages from being sent or received.