Because GTI network and SIM are globally supported, the structure of our current global roaming agreement causes the SIM's primary identifiers (called the IMSI or International Mobile Subscriber Identity) to be associated with a global centralized entity in Italy.  This is not a mistake or fraudulent in any way, but by design.  This design enables us to provide a global roaming SIM based on our current global roaming agreement.  
The current side effect will make certain device menus to appear in Italian and the default APN settings to appear as your reseller witnessedAgain this is by design.  Coming this summer, those default APN values will NOT need to be changed and will function normally to support mobile data through our GTIGLOBAL network.  
The partners will not need to make manual APN setting changes to support data.  However, MMS APN settings will still be a manual effort and we are working to streamline that workflow.  
Again, the appearance of Italian related information in the device is by current design and is expected.  We are working to streamline this so that in the future, it will not show Italian network information but will instead be US (or regionally) related.