AFTER YOU BY A DID NUMBER (Voice Trunk Settings)

To Buy a New Mobile or Voice Phone Number (DID)
From your Portal, select "Endpoint Settings" then click on "My Phone Numbers" tab, then select "Purchase DID". in the upper right hand side of the page then follow the information on the screen, you may select from the list or enter the area code to search. (you must have access in order to purchase DID numbers)

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If you are using your Own Server, Trunk Settings Once Done:What is SIP Trunking? ⋆ Sangoma

How to Setup SIP Trunk On YOUR server:Phone Numbers Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun Project
Create (cut and paste) all trunk by adding the following information below:


What dialing format should I use to send calls? Please send calls in e164 format country code + area code + number. What audio codec does GTI support? We support G.711u, G.729. Use G711 (ulaw) for Mobile Service.

(when using GTI as your termination provider, call your Account Manager for rates and access)