GTI Softphone

GTI now provide a FREE Softphone Application (APP) that will allow you to connect to your GTI PBX/DID/Phone Service/ Account and make and receive calls anywhere in the world, check voicemail, transfer calls, conference calling and much more, just like using your handhold phone device!  globe

It will always starts minimized in your system tray. Right click on tray icon lets you access account and application settings. GTI Softphone does not require any pre-installed codecs, all codecs already included. You can download and Import your Google Address book or add contacts to the Contacts address book.

Please contact your account manager if you do not have a SIP account or need help with selecting your server after the installation. If you do not have any account, you can signup by going to  or contact [email protected] 

Mobile Service Users Only using GTI Global Portal & PBX