Yealink SIP Account Register Failed

The SIP account can’t register successfully on the sip server.

[Cause] Configuration or network.


1. Before check below information, please make sure that the network is available.

2. Please check below ACCOUNT registration information is correct. You can contact your VOIP service provider to double check.

a). Register Name

b). User Name

c). Password

d). SIP Server Host

e). Sip Server port
f). Transport

g). Outbound Proxy Server (Optional)


3. If the issue still exists, please reproduce it and get the Diagnostic File (config.bin, pcap file, level 6 syslog file)

Please refer to

[Product Model]

VP59,T58A with Camera,SIP-T58A,SIP-T57W,SIP-T54W,SIP-T53W,SIP-T53,SIP-T48S,SIP-T46S,SIP-T42S,SIP-T41S,SIP-T40G,SIP-T40P,SIP-T29G,SIP-T27G,SIP-T23G,SIP-T23P,SIP-T21(P) E2,SIP-T19(P) E2,SIP-T33P(G),SIP-T31(P)(G),SIP-T30(P),W90 Multi-Cell System,W80 Multi-Cell System,W60P,W53P,W56P,W52P,T54W with DD10K,W41P,W59R,VP530,SIP-T38G,Yealink DECT Repeater RT10,SIP-T32G,SIP-T28P,SIP-T26P,SIP-T22P,SIP-T21P,SIP-T20P,SIP-T19P,SIP-T48G,SIP-T46G,SIP-T42G,SIP-T27P ,SIP-T41P

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