Automated backup offers a convenient way to have complete backups of your VPS available from the OVHcloud Control Panel without having to configure them in the server. Additionally, this feature allows you to mount a backup and access it via SSH. In this article, we will cover how to use automated backups for your VPS.


Subscribing to Automated Backups

Log into the OVHcloud Control Panel and select your VPS from the left-hand sidebar. Then click the Automated backups tab. Click Enable Automated backup.


Take note of the pricing and then click the Order button. You will be guided through the ordering process, receiving a confirmation email upon completion. Backups will now automatically be created daily as long as you keep this option enabled.

Restoring a Backup from the OVHcloud Control Panel

After selecting your VPS, click the Automated backups tab. There will be a maximum of seven daily backups available. Click ... next to the backup you want to restore and select Restoration.


Unless there is a good reason not to, make sure to tick the option "Modify the root password on restoration" in the pop-up window to preserve your current root password and click Confirm. You will receive an email as soon as the task is complete. Please allow some time for the restoration process to complete. Note that your VPS will not be available during the restoration process.

Warning: Please note that the automated backups will not include any additional disks you have.

Mounting and Accessing a Backup

If you want to access a backup without overwriting your current system, you can mount the backup and access it at the mount point instead.

Click the ellipsis (...) next to the backup you wish to mount and select Mounting


After the process has completed, you will receive an email. You can now connect to your VPS and add the partition where your backup is located. To do so, SSH into your VPS using the following command, replacing the username and IP with that of your VPS: