Service Credits Device & SIM

If you have customers that cannot use the Mobile PBX Feature service with their new or old sim cards, we can offer a temporary fix, let us know which customer (DID and sim number) and we will send you at carrier direct sim card with 1GB of high-speed (4G/5G) data plan at no extra cost to you or your customers! this sim card will bypass the pbx system and the customer will not need to change their phone devices as long as it is 4G/VoLTE/5G ready device!  We will work with you on setup configurations on your PBX for the extension forwarding numbers if needed.
If you choose to replace/buy a new devices:
Subscribers can take advantage of the Customer Retention Plan and get  up to $250 in service credits, please contact your Account Manager for more details on how this can work for you.
Current list of GTIGLOBAL PBX supported devices Click to see the List
List of devices that will not work on Carriers Network Click to view list
*We cannot guarantee service if your current device is not on the list of supported device.
We want to support as many devices as possible, we are still working with manufacturers of Android OS and will update the list once testing is done. Theoretically, if your phone uses VoLTE by default without carrier files then the solution should work. For example, one manufacturer told us all their phones should work without any issues; but in reality, outgoing calls work just fine but incoming calls will not ring the phone.