Robocall Mitigation Database

service providers not listed in the Robocall Mitigation Database beginning September 28, 2021. In the
Second STIR/SHAKEN Order, the Commission adopted a rule prohibiting “intermediate providers and
terminating voice service providers from accepting voice traffic from any voice service provider that does
not appear in the [Robocall Mitigation Database].”17 The Commission stated that this rule would be
effective “90 days after the deadline for robocall mitigation program certifications set forth” by the
Bureau in this Public Notice.18 With the filing deadline now established for June 30, 2021, this
prohibition will go into effect on September 28, 2021. As of that day, intermediate providers and voice
service providers will be prohibited from accepting calls directly from a voice service provider, including
a foreign voice service provider that uses North American Numbering Plan resources that pertain to the
United States to send voice traffic to residential or business subscribers in the United States, if that voice
service provider’s filing does not appear in the Robocall Mitigation Database.19
Certification Filing Instructions. Certifications, identification information, and contact
information must be submitted via a portal on the Commission’s website at on or before June 30, 2021.20 Instructions
for submitting a certification and this information can be found at
instructions. Voice service providers must submit any necessary updates because of changes to their
certification, identification information, or contact information to the Commission within 10 business
days of the change.21 All intermediate provider entries will be imported from the Intermediate Provider
Registry to the Robocall Mitigation Database on a rolling basis.22
Database Location. The Robocall Mitigation Database is publicly available on the Commission’s
website at A list of voice service
providers that have submitted certifications, published as a .csv file, may be downloaded at any time at
Confidential Submissions. Filers will be able to request that any materials or information
submitted to the Commission in their certifications be withheld from public inspection. To do so, a voice
service provider must first submit a confidentiality request in WC Docket No. 17-97 through the
Commission’s Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS).24 The voice service provider will then be able
to submit redacted (i.e., public) and unredacted (i.e., non-public) copies of its robocall mitigation program