You will need to Purchase a SIM Card in order to activate new mobile service.

DID Number Pricing

To Order SIM Cards, contact your account manager. Once you received your SIM, login to your Account Portal and select "List/Activate SIM" or "Activate New SIMCard" and complete the order form.

It is very important that you add as much information in the "message box" when placing an order to activate the SIM, as this can cause delays.

After placing your order, we will confirm by sending you an email or text notification.

Agents must have a Credit Balance in their Account in order to Activate new service. (contact your master agent for more details.)

If your account is set-up for Auto-Pay, your order will be process automatically.

You will receive a Welcome Detail Message Text/Email regarding your new service line.

Activation & Order Processing Times:

About 5 to 15 minutes to process on GTI-UTLM Networks SIM Cards

About 25 to 60 minutes to process on GTIGLOBAL PBX Network SIM Cards..

For Porting Mobile Number to GTI-UTLM SIM:

Port-In numbers to gti-ultm can take up to 5 to 15 minutes and we will need the Name, PIN/Password, Zip code and Account Number for the customer old/existing account. VoIP DID Numbers can take up to 3 to 7 days

Porting or using your purchased Number To GTI Global Mobile PBX SIM

After purchasing your number from your Portal, you must provide the number in the message section of the order request form, If you already have a number, provide us with that number. If this is a Temporary Phone Number it will be replaced with your port-in number once your number is fully ported.

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When using your own PBX Server

1) On your Server, create the exact SIP or PJSIP extension using the same extension number and password you received from us or given to us.

2) For troubleshooting, make sure to check all APN settings using our knowledge base article :APN Settings

ALL your PBX feature codes will work from the cellphone device, like *97 (voicemail)
Direct extension dialing (example, you are calling your sales dept. extension 55XXX, just dial 55XXX from the cellphone will ring extension 55XYZ on the SIP/Softphone in your office.

When someone call your number or office number, and select an extension that is connected to the SIM Card, the cellphone and any PJSIP or SIP device connected will both ring at the same time, you can setup your ring group to include the cellphone extensions also! Use the cellphone as you would use your softphone/SIP desktop phones.

Check your PBX or Server manual on how to setup extensions for PJSIP or SIP as we do not give support on how to setup Server extensions, your Systems Administrators should know how to set up. There are no special settings to use our services other than the above.

If you are reselling the service as a “Mobile Service” you can setup a 611 extension on your Server/PBX to point to your customer service extension, so when a customer dial 611 from the cellphone it will ring your customer service help desk!