MAX Mobile Feature Codes


MAX Mobile Dial Pad/Remote Features Codes (updated 2022)




Customer Code  (special services)


One Touch Recording of Inbound/Outbound calls  (Paid Feature)


Authorization Code  (special services)


Blacklist a Number


Blacklist Last Caller


Remove Number From Blacklist


Blind Transfer


Set CF Busy Number


Call Forward Busy - Toggle


Set CF Unavailable Number


Call Forward Unavailable - Toggle


Call Forward On No Answer - Toggle


Set CF On No Answer Number


Clear/Reset all Diversions & Features


Dictation Service, Record Notes (Paid Feature)


Direct Voicemail


Disconnect Call


Do Not Disturb - Toggle


Follow Me - Toggle


Lock/Unlock Phone (will need password to unlock)


Reminder, Will call and remind of events


Remote Voicemail (will required a password in voicemail)


Remote Wakeup Call (this will ring outbound number)


Speak Date and Time


Speak Your Phone Number A.K.A Extension)


Wakeup Call (will ring your phone line)


Call Forward Immediately - Toggle


Set CF Immediately Number


Speak Last Number That Called