iPhone & Droid SIM Card APN Settings - Group Messaging

DETAILS: Attention USA Based GTI Global Partners, There was a previously reported iOS group text messaging issue when using the GTI Global Mobile solution. The issue manifested itself when an GTI Global iOS  enabled device was included as one of many recipients in a group text message thread, not using iMessage (typically seen when there is a mix of Android and iPhone devices used across the group). When this was done, the iOS device would fragment the SMS messaging threads into separate conversation with each of the other recipients on that group, thus making it difficult for all users to take full advantage of group messaging communication.

GTI Global Networks has been working with its partners as well as Apple to resolve this issue. In April 2021, Apple released the 14.5.1 version of their iOS operating system.

Upgrading to the 14.5.1 or newer software load on any iOS device will allow group messaging threading to be fully retained, thus resolving the issue, and ensuring full interworking of iOS and Android devices across SMS/MMS enabled messaging. Users running iOS software releases below iOS 14.5.1 will continue to experience threading issues.

KEY USER ACTIONS: Users must ensure that they upgrade their iOS device to 14.5.1 or newer. Follow the iPhone standard upgrade instructions provided by Apple. Additionally, please note that for group messaging to work as noted above, the MMS APN must be set correctly.

Refer to MMS configuration data below to review and ensure that these settings are correct:

To configure your MMS APN Settings, go to: • Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network or Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Network o Action: Scroll down to the MMS entry and configure the following fields: ▪ APN: globaldata

▪ MMSC: http://mms.mobileuc.global/

▪ MMS Proxy:

▪ MMS Max Message Size: 614400

o Take special attention to populate these fields EXACTLY as shown above. Important note: Some messaging applications, particularly in some Android devices, may need to be configured specifically to support group message threading retention. This is an application level, user preference, setting and is not related in any way to GTI Mobile group messaging interworking.

Users of Android devices can search ‘Group Messaging’ in their device settings. Group MMS should be enabled.