Our hosted softswitch solution means never having to deal with the complexities and costs of deploying, managing, and maintaining a full switching and carrier management infrastructure.

There are no hardware costs, no network costs, no engineering costs. Our solution is delivered as a ready-made, cost-effective, turnkey virtual infrastructure set to go full-throttle once your platform is active.

GTI carrier-grade hosted switch platforms engineered for the telecom and carrier industry. Our experience and expertise has helped us develop a user interface and supporting software that takes the time consuming burden of switch infrastructure management off your plate so you can concentrate on building your business. If you are a wholesale/retail carrier or a telecommunications company, feel free to Contact us for more detail!



Features & price for VNO Services, this will allow you to sell the following services of GTIGLOBAL

VNO Service Offer:

1) Mobile & Data Services (On Nationwide Carriers 4G & 5G Networks)

2) PBX Service (VoIP Business services)

3) DID Numbering Service (full access to purchase DID)

What you get:

1) Resellers Portal 

2) 1 GTIGLOBAL Stater-kit SIM Card