Getting Started with GTI CC Termination


GTI High-Volume/Short-Duration Voice product:

  • It supports a much higher volume of calls
  • It can only be used for Outbound calls
  • It supports fewer features
  • Dedicated SIP Proxy for High Volume traffic
  • It supports up to 250 CPS (call per second) per IP address

Unsupported Features

The following features are not supported by GTI CCHV:

  • Emergency Calls (911)
  • G722, OPUS and H.264 codecs (only PCMU, PCMA and G.729 supported)
  • SIP registrations
  • WebRTC
  • None of the following media features:
    • Transcoding
    • T38 Fax Gateway
    • Enable Comfort Noise for Call on Hold
    • RTCP reports
    • Encrypted Media Settings
    • Generate Ringback Tone
    • Instant Ringback

Signaling Addresses

GTI uses the following address for all CC Terminations:

When using DNS A record resolution, resolves to this IP address:


When using SRV record resolution, also resolves to this IP address:


If you use an ACL or Firewall on your network, make sure you whitelist these IP addresses.


Most of the media features that are available on the Full Featured telephony product are not supported by the High-Volume/Short-Duration telephony product.


GTI supports the following codecs for CCHV calls:

  • G.711U (PCMU)
  • G.711A (PCMA)
  • G.729

Setting Up CC Termination Control on MOR or MAX

  1. Log in to GTI Customer Portal (MOR) or (MAX)
  2. Create a Connection for your SIP device.

Making outbound calls