Calling while abroad with GTI-TMO

Calling while abroad

Incoming calls are routed automatically to your phone, but placing a call while you're outside the U.S. works a little differently than when you're at home. If you're on our Magenta, Simple Choice Plan, T-Mobile ONE, or Essentials plan, voice calling is available in more than 210 countries and destinations for a flat rate of $0.25/minute.

  • To call a local number in the country you're visiting, dial the plus sign + followed by the country code, city code, and number (which can be any number of digits with or without dashes or spaces). If there's a zero (0) listed before city code, remove the zero.
  • To call back to the U.S., dial +1, the area code, and the number (Example: +1-555-123-4567). The plus sign replaces the need to use an IDD code. (It's the same to send a text message, too.)
  • You can dial 1-1-2 when traveling internationally for emergency calls. 9-1-1 may also be used in some countries in addition to 1-1-2. If you're in doubt, check the local directory or other resource for the emergency number in that country.
  • Toll-free numbers like 1-800 or 1-888 can't be guaranteed to work while abroad. Check into alternate numbers for any you may want to call while traveling.

Your voicemail password & charges

Great news, there's no extra charge for people leaving a voicemail in your inbox when you are roaming internationally. However, you will be charged for the following:

  • If your phone is on when you get an incoming call, even if you don't answer it and it goes to voicemail, the call is charged one minute for the call coming in to the phone. (There are no charges at all if your phone is turned off.)
  • If you call your voicemail from your mobile phone to listen to messages, that call will be charged at the international roaming rate of the country you're in.

If you don't want to be charged for listening to your messages, you can access your voicemail from a landline or other phone. You'll need your voicemail password (the one you selected during voicemail setup). If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it by contacting T-Mobile Customer Service.

  1. From a landline or other phone, call your mobile number and have it go to voicemail.
  2. Interrupt your voicemail greeting by pressing * (the star key).
  3. When it tells you to, enter your voicemail password.
  4. Follow the menu options to check your voicemail messages.
    Note: Keep in mind, the landline or other phone you're using may charge you for long-distance fees when calling your phone to get your messages. Check into that ahead of time so you know what to expect.

Traveling on cruise ships and ferries

  • Cruise ship roaming is available on selected cruise lines and ferries.
  • To find rates while traveling at sea, visit the International Roaming page, scroll down to Going on a cruise?, and look up your Cruise/Ferry name in the box provided.
  • After reviewing the rates, scroll a little farther down so you can See if your device is compatible by searching for your device.
  • One tip to avoid higher charges: We recommend that you turn off roaming while the ship is docked in a U.S. port. Otherwise, your phone may pick up the ship's network and you'll be charged cruise ship roaming charges for any usage. Once you're out to sea, you can then turn roaming back on and pay the respective usage for data, text, and voice.