How do I fix stdole32 TLB Excel 2007 error in Windows 10

The fix to this problem is simply uninstall KB2767916, restart your computer and then run updates again. That's all.

That sounds a very simple fix to the small problem. A question though, how does one - "non computer buff" - search for update KB2767916? When I try to type on cortana search bar I cant - another small problem!



Go to CONTROL PANEL (windows key + r, then type control and press enter).


On left side of screen click on VIEW INSTALLED UPDATES.

Look for the update - "Update for Microsoft Office 2007 suites (KB2767916) 32-bit Edition."

Uninstall it then restart your computer and run windows updates again.


Method 1: Repair Microsoft Office 2007
  1. Hold Windows logo and press R.
  2. Type appwiz. cpl and press Enter. ...
  3. Right-click on Microsoft Office 2007 and click Change.
  4. Click on Repair and then click Continue.
  5. After Microsoft Office 2007 finish repair, you need to restart your Windows.
  6. Run Microsoft Word 2007 or Microsoft Excel 2007.