Virtual Numbers and DID Forwarding

A Virtual Phone Number is a real telephone number that is not associated to a physical phone line. These numbers are programmed to be forwarded to either a Voice service or to a different phone line.

GTIGLOBAL is our hosted softswitch and billing Voice platform, providing the DID forwarding capabilities you need to forward calls to any phone number, anywhere in the world. Virtual Number solutions from GTIGLOBAL allow any person or business to be easily reachable via local calls, no matter where they are. Residential VoIP softswitch solutions for Service Providers including flexible billing, subscriptions, and calling plans

Our Virtual Phone Number solutions enable you to offer your businesses a local presence for their support and sales call centers. Consumers can enjoy local numbers in other countries, making calls easy and economical for their friends and family

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Virtual Numbers?

GTIGLOBAL Virtual Number solution enables Voice service providers to offer their customer a phone number which can be forwarded to any other phone number, virtually anywhere in the world.  The phone number itself would be provided by your own DID provider, while the intelligence to route the call accordingly comes from GTIGLOBAL softswitch platform.

How would my customers use Virtual Numbers?

End users use Virtual Numbers in a variety of ways. For example, when they move from one location to another, they can maintain a local phone number where they used to live. End users with relatives in other countries can use a Virtual Number in that country, enabling their family to call them without paying international toll charges. Similarly, your business customers use Virtual Numbers to make it easier for their own customers to call into a Sales or Support call center.

Can Virtual Numbers route to a mobile phone?  TeliSIM MVNO solution with Voice, Data, SMS, and Roaming with brandable SIM cards

Yes. Your end users can route calls to any phone number they need, landline or mobile. If they choose to receive calls on a mobile phone, charges from their mobile phone operator may apply.

Can users make multiple phones ring at the same time?

Yes. Your end users can configure a Virtual Number to ring as many phones as they need. For example, calls can ring the user’s home, office and mobile phone all at the same time. Families can route calls to multiple family members.

Can Virtual Numbers have voice mail?

Yes. GTIGLOBAL provides voice mail which can easily be integrated with Virtual Numbers.