GTI-Mobile & PBX Service FAQ

GTI Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

MVNO Solution for Service Providers


A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is a service provider who offers some form of cellular phone service that competes with the incumbent facilities-based mobile operator. MVNOs usually operate without owning their own infrastructure. GTI-Mobile unique GTIGLOBAL solution enables you to start your own profitable MVNO business, using your own cost-effective Voice Termination carriers to replace high-cost mobile roaming.

What is GTI-Mobile?

GTIGLOBAL is a unique solution that enables GTI customers to build their own MVNO business, offering GSM mobile services to end users and resellers. GTIGLOBAL includes brandable SIM cards, and options for GSM voice, mobile data and SMS. GTIGLOBAL enables GTI customers to offer mobile services using their own brand and their own prices. Your GTIGLOBAL users can make and receive calls via the GSM voice network without needing apps, access numbers or call-back.  Options for data-only plans are available.

How does GTIGLOBAL work?

GTIGLOBAL is a unique solution that replaces the expensive roaming fees charged by mobile operators with cost-effective Voice Termination from your own providers.  The end result enables you to provide GSM calling at much lower costs. While your Voice Termination is used as part of the GTIGLOBAL call flow, your users make and receive calls over the GSM network.

Can I offer “Data-Only” as an option? Rich Results on Google's SERP when searching for 'phone systems'

Yes, GTIGLOBAL gives you the option to offer Data-Only plans to your users. Your users can use GTIGLOBAL GSM mobile data for popular Over-the-Top (OTT) voice apps and messaging such as Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and others. You can also offer our GTIGLOBAL mobile softphone app, enabling you to also offer OTT voice services with a GTIGLOBAL data-only plan.

GTIGLOBAL also offers a way to make and receive inexpensive Voice calls using the data portion of the GTIGLOBAL MVNO solution.  Both solutions can share a common voicemail. 

Does GTI-Mobile provide Voice termination and DIDs?

Yes, GTIGLOBAL provide Voice termination and DIDs, we also enable our customers to use any provider they prefer. If you do not already have your own providers. In addition to Voice termination and DIDs, GTIGLOBAL offers SMS and other important services.

What solutions can I offer in addition to GTIGLOBAL?

In addition to GTIGLOBAL, we  currently provides a full portfolio of white label VoIP solutions. This includes Mobile VoIP, Hosted PBX, Virtual Office, Calling Card, and more. All of our solutions include fully integrated switching, billing and customer management, together with customizable portals and more. Contact us today to learn more.


1-Server IP address and Port Number if not 5060
2-Port SMS portion of your DID number

3-All PJSIP or SIP extension credentials to be used with GTI mobile service (extension and password).  we will provide this information to you GTI portal "Mobile VAR Portal" (Resellers only)

4-Resellers/Customers using their own DID numbers for mobile service, upload the list through a support ticket at (Note on all data plan customers: for SMS to function, GTI will be porting the SMS portion of your DID number).


Check your Firewall and make sure your server is registered to GTI Global Servers! VERY Important!


1) Purchase SIM card and DID  from GTI (or use your own DID).  For customers using GTI DID numbers with outbound termination… we will route the purchased DIDs to your server in addition to you creating a SIP trunk on your PBX, this is needed so we can send the traffic to your server. SIM cards will be shipped within two business days of purchase to your address on file.

1a) Creating these Trunks (for GTI DID & Voice Termination Service only) on your Server: (outbound calling are disabled by default)

[2-GTI-MOR INBOUND/OUTBOUND SIP Trunk] (use only if instructed by GTIGlobal)   

2) We will Create extension and password Use the purchased DID number for the “caller ID” and “caller ID name”. (keep it simple)

3) On your Server, create the exact SIP or PJSIP extension using the same extension number and password

4) Once you received the SIM, install it into your phone or smart device to receive and send SMS/MMS.  You are now ready to receive/make phone calls utilizing your FreePBX extension number. For troubleshooting, make sure to check all APN settings using the following knowledge base article :APN Settings

ALL your PBX feature codes will work from the cellphone device, like *97
Direct extension dialing (example, you are calling your sales dept. extension 55XXX, just dial 55XXX from the cellphone will ring extension 55XYZ on the SIP/Softphone in your office.

When someone call the DID or office number, and select an extension that is connected to the cellphone device, the cellphone and any PJSIP or SIP device connected will both ring at the same time, you can setup your ring group to include the cellphone extensions also! Use the cellphone as you would use your softphone/SIP desktop phones.

Check your PBX or Server manual on how to setup extensions for PJSIP or SIP as we do not give support on how to setup Server extensions, your Systems Administrators should know how to set up. There are no special settings to use our services other than the above.

If you are reselling the service as a “Mobile Service” you can setup a 611 extension on your Server/PBX to point to your customer service extension, so when a customer dial 611 from the cellphone it will ring your customer service help desk!

Cost of service:
On Your Asterisk/FreeSwitch/3CX PBX – (optional for some resellers)

UTC IP Gateway to connect Networks and your PBX $15 p/m per IP Server
SIM Cards: $2.95 each (VAR/Reseller minimum purchase 10 cards)

GTI DID Number
USA with SMS enabled $0.75 per month
Inbound DID cost $0.005 (USA/Canada) with mobile service only.

Outbound Termination USA-48/Canada/Mexico  $0.00975 per minute

Advanced Service Network Operators/Resellers: ICCID Setup $3,500 (provide your Network Name on SIM Cards)

Service Order Notes: