FIRST STEP:  Purchase your new SIM (if you don't already have one), select a service plan, place an order from your portal to activate mobile service on your new/reserved SIM, login to your portal, go to “Rates & System Config” click on “My Devices & Lines” under the heading Customer SIP/Mobile Users Devices click on “Add SIP User” then create the user account using a 4 to 10 digits only number, we recommend using the 10 digits number of the DID associated with the account, leave the IP address blank, If you already have an account created move to step #2

STEP #2 Click on “Order Wireless Service” and complete the form to order activate your new mobile line(s). You cannot activate a new SIM/line without providing us with the initial account number, password and DID number, make sure Step #1 is completed before placing your order, you may change the password on the SIM Card and SIP account once the account has been activated.

STEP #3 Add/Purchase a DID Number for your SIM, go to the ‘Rates & System Config” menu and select “My Phone Number” then select the “Purchase DID” (in the upper right of page). You will have the option of assigning the DID Number to the new or existing account by checking the check box. If you already purchased and have available DID in your account, select one to use with the new SIM activation.

Once you have completed the above, check all settings, then go to “Rates & System Config” and select “My Phone Number” view the User/Account to make sure you have the correct account assigned to the DID number, use the “Action button” on right to edit if needed.

STEP #4 Install the SIM associated with the DID and account number in your phone. https://support.gtivoice.com/knowledgebase.php?article=58

STEP #5 Test the DID and see if it is reaching the PBX/SIP-Device Extension/Cellphone-Device by calling the DID Number associated with the account. (make sure you call from a line that is not connected to your Server/PBX or this GTIGLOBAL SIP account in order to get a true test.

STEP #6   Order your mobile service:  https://support.gtivoice.com/index.php?a=add&category=8

STEP #7   Test your voicemail and all the GTIGLOBAL features like extension to extension dialing etc. To check your voicemail, dial *97 or long press 1 on your cellphone keypad; you should hear your voicemail announcement. Check your call log results under “Calls Report” option on menu.


The above instructions are basic settings, some advanced settings may need to be changed, connect with your account manager for further help if you are having issues registering you SIM Card.


If you need further help, please open a support ticket @ https://support.gtivoice.com