Online Fax Services

Using Online Fax Services

GTI Online fax services enable you to transmit and receive faxes through attachment to email messages and still provide a traditional fax-line number for incoming transmissions. A monthly fee gives you an allotment of incoming and outgoing pages, after which you pay a per-page charge for each transmission. Some of these services offer smartphone apps you can use in addition to or instead of handling faxes through a Web browser on your desktop or notebook computer. To send documents, you upload digital files in formats that may include the output of Microsoft Office applications as well as graphic files, PDFs and HTML documents.


For each Call record we have the following

  • Date- Date and Time call was received or placed.
  • Description-For each call we have the following icons under the Description


You'll see "In Progress" if the system is still in the process of sending (or trying to send) the fax:


You'll see "OK" if the fax was sent successfully:


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